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tru_blood's Journal

Tru Blood Underneath
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This community is for those how need to finally let the truth out, who can't seem to tell others near them about their true selfs. About their "Tru blood underneath"....for people to be able to speak FREELY while being them selves, about their issues in hopes of finding help.

However there are a few rules, or guidelines I hope you all can respect:

1. If Triggering please use a LJcut (ex. Pictures, poems, detailed descriptions, or even things that maybe a bit long)

2. All post MUST be set to friend's only. Due to such sensitive material.

3. All members must RESPECT other members. Give advice, state your opinion, but please keep in mind the emotions behind each members 'secrets'.

4. All members must post as their selves, NOT ANONYMOUS. If posted as anonymous in mistake, please correct ASAP.

5. Keep an open mind, comment others, and relate AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.

Just some basic guidelines that Im sure you are all familiar with by now.

Any questions about your posts and such please contact me once posted.
I hope this community will be able to help you all in a new way.

Unmask Your Self